U Pick Flower Farm

I drive by these cute signs every day on my way to work. I finally had a day where I could take a moment to stop to see what they were all about.


I was so happy with what I had found. Flower Bucket Farm is a quaint little roadside stand next to a field full of flowers for you to pick. Everything is based on an honor system where the prices are listed per stem & flower type and you pay by leaving payment in a wooden box.


Some of the flowers were affected by the previous night’s frost, but we were still able to gather a few sunflower and zinnia stems.


We picked out a little pumpkin for our lil guy to take home.


I haven’t had a whole lot of time to do much Fall decorating, but the flowers gave my hutch a nice little touch of Fall! We will be making more stops at the Flower Bucket Farm!


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