DIY Photo Boards


A friend of mine made these photo boards for a family member at Christmas time and I loved the look of them so I created a few to hang in our home. I emailed my photos to the local Staples store and had them print off 3 12×12 prints for me. Each print cost me $8 which I thought was a great price! I was also very happy with the quality of the prints.


Items needed:

Pine boards cut to 12×12 size
12×12 photos
Mod Podge
Hanging mechanism


The Process:

Step 1) Paint edge of the boards in your desired color. I choose black.
Step 2) Glue photo to the board. I used Mod Podge as my gluing medium. Only apply glue to the back side of the photo.
Step 3) Let dry overnight.
Step 4) Attach hanging mechanism

Tips & Tricks for completing the project:

Before painting the edges of the boards put a push pin into the back side of the board. This made it very easy to paint the edges and adhere the photo.


Use a pop tab for a very inexpensive way to hang the photo boards.


Use a comb to hold the screw in place while attaching your hanging mechanism.



I love simple and inexpensive projects!


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19 thoughts on “DIY Photo Boards

  1. These are seriously so cute! Simple, and inexpensive! We love it! We'd love to see you at our link party this weekend! -The Sisters


  2. Wandered over here from The 36th Avenue. :)And of course I have to subscribe to your blog because, in just skimming through some of your posts, I know I'm going to get a lot of good ideas here for sprucing up my nest!


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