Scenes from my weekend

Scenes from my weekend….

An irritated baby…he is a little cuddle bug! Loves to be held, doesn’t like being put down for any reason.

Melting snow…again. It has been such a mild winter here in Michigan. As fast as the snow comes it melts away.

I love my great Aunt’s glass bottles sitting in the window of our staircase.

My Valentine’s rose.

It is time for the Winter décor to come down! Yesterday!

Snowcoming Dance…and my pretty daughter in her dress.


8 thoughts on “Scenes from my weekend

  1. Sweet post. I really like the pictoral way you posted. That's a really neat dress! And I had a baby that didn't like to be put down ever either…she lived in her Fisher Price swing. Hard to believe that was just 4 years ago!Noelle

  2. i know those kinds of babies all too well—ive got one sleeping in her room at the moment ;)love the vases. so pretty. and the snow–im jealous. 😉

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