Easy Peasy Mason Jar Snowmen


This was an easy project that the kids and I completed a couple years ago.

Items needed:
Mason Jars
White Tissue Paper
Mod Podge or watered down glue
Black Marker
Orange Cardstock

We cut the tissue paper into 1 inch stripes and then glued onto the outside of a mason jar. Using orange cardstock we cut out a carrot shaped nose and glue onto the jar. Once the glue was dry, we used a black marker to make the eyes and mouth.
It was that easy!

001 (3)

Add a small battery powered tea light candle and you are all set.
We made a set of eight and then lined them up our stairs.
The snowmen give the stairway a fun glow at night.


35 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Mason Jar Snowmen

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