Newest Belly Shot


28 weeks! 12 more weeks to go!

The need for naps are kicking in again. I have moments of feeling good and moments of extreme fatigue. Getting up at night is once again increasing. I had a good month or so where I was only getting up once throughout the night. My belly is feeling so heavy and stretched some days. Baby is very active and using me as a punching bag most days. I love it!

13 thoughts on “Newest Belly Shot

  1. Wow! I just loved being pregnant with my children – it was those precious months they were mostly mine. Wishing all the best for you,Kathy

  2. Lovely belly shot! Enjoy these last 12 weeks — they go fast — so try to rest in the wonder of them!Thanks for linking up with friday favorite things.Blessings to you!Rachel

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